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"We read to know that we are not alone." - C.S. Lewis

Feathery Facts

The only polite way to start anything at all is to write an introduction. This introduction will inform those present about who you are, what you are talking about, and why you are talking about it. Consider this my introduction, light and filled with little facts alongside of important remarks (I'll let you know when I say anything you may need to jot down to mull over in awe later). 


I am Hope. Isn't that dandy? And since a name defines a person...well it may not but I do tend to be very hopeful. I hope you all enjoy whatever I put on here and I hope I keep up with this because it seems rather interesting and most of all I hope to read far more than I have any way of reading. 


"What am I talking about?" You may ask, well I shall tell you. I have so many books on my shelf to read that it alternately thrills me and gives me despair....because I want to read them all RIGHT. NOW. Unfortunately I have not perfected my clone plan....so I am stuck wishing to read them all at once but having to read only one at a time. Alas. 


"So why come here and waste time that could be spent reading?" You would probably ask next. And that is a very good question. You must be very smart. Well my first answer is, because despite wanting to read all these books I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate and get distracted resulting in much wasted time spent doing things other than that which I desire to do. But that is a silly reason. The second answer is that I like to talk about books and what I read with others who like to do the same. I also like to spend my reading time wisely and avoid reading books I will not enjoy, so I examine reviews and explore books to make the best choices possible for reading (of course in the process I add at least twenty other books to my to read shelf). Also, in the same mindset of wanting to spend my time wisely and avoiding books I won't enjoy, when I do read a book that I do not like (or one that I love) I like to share that information with others so that they can more wisely choose a book that they will enjoy. 


So, that is the who, what, and why of me. I hope it was helpful and I will work on posting some awesome stuff pronto. 


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