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Double Dose! 30 Day Challenge: Days 3 and 4

So yesterday was crazy busy. Therefore I had no time at all to even think about the internet....much less complete a challenge. Fortunately days 3 and 4 are very closely related challenges and almost work better together. So I decided to do both in one day, rather than set the challenge back. So without farther ado, I present you with the first ever double dose of challenge awesomeness! 


Day 3's challenge was what is your favorite book series and Day 4's was what was your favorite book within that series. As I have said before I don't tend to choose favorites. I have many favorites because books are so unique I might love one series for a completely different reason for another but love them equally. And how can one decide which is more loved when they don't compare easily? Now that I am sure you understand my viewpoint (though I will certainly reiterate it many, many times through this challenge) I have decided on one of the many book series that I love to represent all the book series I love, whether alike or different. This series is....


The Queen's Thief Series



The reason I chose this series was because it is awesome (duh!). It holds all the things I love about books. Interesting, well thought out plot, dynamic characters, engaging writing, incredible setting with a life like history...just brilliant.


Then....my favorite book within this series (my thoughts on choosing favorites aside...) would have to be....



Essentially this book frustrated me the most and as my mantra goes. "Those that frustrate me the most I love the most" (not really but it sounds cool)....basically here is how it goes. This book was amazing; it frustrated me in that I wanted to know the end I wanted to read it all the time. Therefore the fact that I did not know what I wanted to know and didn't have time to read it all the time it was incredibly frustrating. However, this is not to say that I don't like The Thief just as much or The Queen of Attolia just as much...because they had the same affect....but The King of Attolia was just brilliant. Also, in case you noticed that I left out A Conspiracy of Kings in my listing of favorites it is because that is most assuredly my least favorite (though still good!)


So there you have it! The double dose of awesomeness!