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"We read to know that we are not alone." - C.S. Lewis

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I've been waiting what feels like forever to read Quintana of Charyn. The minute I finished Froi of the Exiles I was ready for its sequel. No. More than ready. Desperate. Well, perhaps not desperate. But I wanted to read it and I wanted to read it then. Instead I had to wait for it to come out, first in Australia and then finally in the US. Of course it came out while I was still in school so I had to wait even longer until I was home and could finally have it in my hands. And of course it came a few days after I had picked up a book from the library (Seraphina) so I had to finish that first and Quintana got pushed back a few more days....


So what that whole paragraph means is that when I finally was able to start reading it you would think I would be thrilled. And, being the smart person you are, you would be right. I was so excited I couldn't read it. It is the worst feeling ever. It has happened a number of times before (in fact it happened with Seraphina). I love a book so much and was so excited to read it that I just can't read more than a few pages before I get so excited and have to put it down. 


This normally happens until I get to about page...150 or 200. Until then I am in constant torment and agony, trying to read this book I love and desperate (yes, truly desperate this time) to find out what happens and to revisit beloved characters, but unable to continue for more than a few pages because of how truly excited I am. 


Right now I am almost to the point in Quintana that I will be able to just read through to the end. But not quite. Almost....I can't wait! And that is what I have to say about what I am reading now. It is so awesome I can't put it into words. I love every single page I read!