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30 Day Challenge: Day 9

A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving...


This is a hard one, mainly because I don't go into books thinking I will dislike it. There are plenty of books that I thought would be just 'okay' and read and loved, but not many that I actively thought I would dislike. So I am going to go more with that....so I narrowed it down to two books....


1. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey



So I am not a huge fan of vampire books....generally I find them average and bleh....I don't mind vampires in the books I read but I prefer them to be just one of many paranormal species and not the main focus. However, when my best friend raved and raved about this book and told me that 'I had to read it' I set aside my worries of it being stupid and average and decided to read it. Boy am I glad I read it. I have read it three times since and each time I love it! Funny and sweet it was just what I look for in a book, it made fun of itself and vampires while still taking itself/vampires seriously enough to make an excellent story. With an intelligent heroine and a witty vampire this book more than made up for its title.


2. Nevermore by Kelly Creagy



So basically I decided to read this because it had to do with Edgar Allen Poe....whose stories I basically adore. I thought, "Well...it can't be so bad. If anything I'll at least enjoy the Poe reference." I thought it was going to be another bland high school story other than that....boy was I wrong. It was incredible. Just. Incredible. I can't even begin to describe how it blew away my expectations. The characters changed and grew the plot drew you in and kept you reading....and the end...AH! It was just so so so so so good! I even went and bought the book just so I could buy and read the second and third books when they came out. Just fantastic!